KUNA evokes Peru's millennia-old heritage through the finest alpaca clothing, bringing Andean art, culture, and history to life.
For thousands of years, Andean cultures have developed outstanding textile techniques
based on the use of precious local raw materials such as alpaca, vicuña, and cotton.

KUNA is a sustainable and ethical fashion brand from Peru

KUNA is a high-quality clothing brand that uses traditional Peruvian textile methods to create modern garments. The company was founded by GRUPO INCA and Don Francis O. Patthey to produce clothing from the highest quality materials. KUNA harnesses the unique properties of camelid fibers to create garments that are both stylish and durable. The company is also committed to the sustainable use of these rare resources to preserve the knowledge and traditions of Peruvian culture. Today, KUNA is recognized as a leading force in the fashion industry, offering its customers unique collections that showcase the best of Peruvian craftsmanship.


Contemporary fashion
rooted in tradition

KUNA is a contemporary expression of nature, human skill, and legacy. Her style is captivating and truly unique in the world of design and fashion. KUNA combines the best of all three worlds to create a line that is both stylish and timeless. From the beginning, KUNA has been about more than just making clothes. It's about creating a style that expresses nature's work, human skill, and the legacy of a fabulous heritage. This transformation has made KUNA a brand that is contemporary yet rooted in tradition. Today, more than ever, people are looking for ways to express their individuality. KUNA offers the perfect platform for self-expression. Your clothes are not only fashionable but also tell a story. If you are looking for a way to express your individuality through fashion, KUNA is a perfect choice.

The story of Francis O. Patthey,
founder of KUNA

"I think my spirit of adventure brought me to Peru because I came here from Switzerland in 1950. I am an accountant by profession, which allowed me to get to know different business activities in Arequipa, a city in the south of Peru, where I settled down, raised a beautiful family, and discovered the world of alpacas, to which I still belong. Today, a world that cares about the environment and its sustainability has the opportunity to recognize and understand the importance of the alpaca in this process. I would like to introduce the WHY ALPACA concept, which will enable many people to understand the contribution of the alpaca value chain to the environment and its sustainability. We have come a long way. We founded PAC together with Mr. Hugo Corzo in 1957 when we started marketing alpaca fiber on the international market. A few years later, we defined our business vision: to evolve by adding value to alpaca fiber and creating many jobs. In 1964 ...."


Nothing remains static, everything is constantly changing, and we have to accept this change and adapt, but without deviating from our basic principles.


KUNA - Peru's textile legacy

Kuna articulates the magical world of textures and colors that make up Peru's ancient textile heritage. Full of craftsmanship and ancient secrets, whose main representatives are Andean inhabitants - growers and artisans. The application of the most modern composite technology, which is reflected in 20 years of experience in the textile sector, added to an innovative vision in the artistic field of design, creating a unique combination of history and the future. All this is in a constant effort to go beyond customer satisfaction and achieve a unique as well as original execution of the products in the world of fashion.

Collection inspired by indigenous cultures

Let yourself be captured by the magic and mystery of the Peruvian Amazon. The Shipido, Konibo, and Xetebo people, inhabitants of both banks of the Ucayali River, from its origin on the eastern slopes of the Andes to its mouth in the Amazon, are the inspirers of this collection. This consists of garments made of noble fibers such as alpaca and silk, both natural raw materials that are light, interact with the environment, and give the wearer freshness and well-being. The Shipibo, Konibo, and Xetebo belong to the indigenous peoples of the earth and are bearers of one of the most independent cultures in the world. They are skilled ceramists, weavers, and jewelers and have their techniques. Their beautiful patterns painted on fabric are transformed into songs that tell their visions of the cosmos and their unshakeable relationship with nature, their mother, from whom they have learned the wonderful virtue of putting each color and shape in its appropriate place.


The quality brand from the Andes - KUNA

This is evident in the wonderful colors, fabrics, and excellent quality of the noble natural fibers alpaca, vicuña, and Pima cotton. KUNA combines the skill and traditional knowledge of Andean textile artisans with state-of-the-art technology and contemporary designs. The Peruvian quality brand is part of the Inca Group, a pioneer in the trade and export of alpaca products. The long experience in selecting the finest fibers from the New World camelids, developing fine spun yarns, and manufacturing premium textile products allows KUNA to have precise control over the entire production process. Through its vertically integrated processes, KUNA guarantees ethical business practices and thus a value chain that respects people and nature.

KUNA receives award
for social responsibility

KUNA is involved in various social projects for the benefit of the Indios, such as teaching textile handicrafts, breeding alpacas, and providing information on environmental protection issues. For example, KUNA donated alpaca yarn to the remote mountain village of Llali and taught 117 mothers knitting techniques. 750 school children were delighted with a new alpaca jumper, while the mothers received a wage for their work and now have an additional source of income with the craft they have learned. In March 2010, Incalpaca (the parent company of KUNA) received an award for exemplary social responsibility in Latin America from the prestigious Mexican Centre for Philanthropy (CEMEFI). In September 2011, the Peruvian President recognized the social commitment and quality management in the company with the prestigious Premio Presidente de la República. We are delighted to bring this unique prêt-à-porter fashion to Europe and invite you to become part of the KUNA lifestyle - discover the textile world of the Andes.


Pacomarca - the place of alpacas

In the cold highlands of Pune, where the sky is mistaken for blue water, lies Pacomarca (the place of the alpacas). A place dedicated to the breeding and genetic improvement of these South American camelids, through the application of state-of-the-art scientific systems. In this way, the fiber of the alpacas is improved to preserve the species and bring out its exceptional qualities: Softness, warmth, and fineness that have made them famous worldwide. At Kuna, we are convinced that the high quality of our products is nothing other than the sum of the small details that are worked out with great care: Both by the skilled hands of master craftsmen and by the application of cutting-edge technology that is the result of KUNA's research. Thus, each of our products carries the sum of an intention whose main goal is to achieve customer satisfaction - with high human content, respect for nature, and care for the environment.



Wrap yourself in Art.

The search for new sources of art and beauty led KUNA to young, Peruvian artists. The fresh, innovative strokes of talented artists become works of art of a special kind on delicate garments.


Immerse yourself in the paradise of natural fibers. Discover the softness and lightness of the finest natural fibers such as alpaca, silk, linen and cotton in our new collection for the season Spring - Summer 2023.


"Colores del Mundo" is a limited edition collection that spreads the cultural expression of some of the most beautiful and stunning places in the world and beyond through a selection of stoles. These stoles in their most intimate fibers, blends of alpaca and silk, reveal their inspiring grandeur and magnificence through an unbeatable texture.

The fabrics in this collection subtly trace the most sublime images of the planets and universes in which they reside and create a knowledge that transcends time.


The Essentials collection by KUNA consists of classic basics that can be worn in any season and are available all year round. The timeless design, high-quality workmanship, and proven wear properties make these items a popular collection.


KUNA Fall Winter is the annual fall/winter collection. Beautiful jewelry made of baby alpaca, ideally suited for the cooler season. Here you will find cuddly soft ponchos, fine knits, and elegant coats. Other highlights of this collection are accessories that will enchant any outfit. Including a large selection of timeless woven scarves, knitted accessories & stoles made from baby alpaca and silk.


A creative space where we have the privilege to express ourselves through the finest precious fibers produced worldwide & our most exclusive line - KUNA Luxury. Vicuña, Guanaco, Cashmere, and Silk, transformed into exquisite garments that bring not only elegance, freedom, luxury, and quality, but also the magic offered by the fact that we are heirs to the mastery and refinement of ancient empires, lovers, and creators of beauty. All this is majestically combined with the most sophisticated and avant-garde technologies.


MILENIUM is the challenge that KUNA has taken on to reproduce the textile techniques and beauty achieved by the ancient Peruvian weavers. From the very beginning, we have prepared ourselves for this task by researching and getting to know every strand, every pigment, and every shape of these wonderful works of warp and weft art left behind by millennia-old cultures. In this way, we have been able to carry on our rich textile heritage and at the same time become owners of a precious treasure of knowledge that we wish to share with the world.

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KUNA Mid Season is KUNA's annual spring/summer collection. Here you will find colourful and light alpaca jewellery pieces, ideally suited for every transitional season. Among them are colourful ponchos, fine knits or elegant stoles that enchant every outfit. For this collection, KUNA uses precious natural fibres of baby alpaca with silk.


KUNA is always on the lookout for new sources of art and beauty and this time it finds them in the fresh and innovative strokes of young and talented artists, new painters whose works are transformed into delicate garments of alpaca and silk that form KUNA Expressions; an ideal platform to make their work known and a way to spread their art.

1st edition: Lucas Sebastian and David Villalba

2nd edition: Paolo Cordano and Yanariko

3rd edition: Priscila Sosa, Kristie Arias,
Mayte Izquierdo and Ximena Mandiola



Curious as ever and seeking innovation through new textures in its designs, KUNA has created a new line for the home - with loungewear garments that feel like a second skin. The KUNA Home collection is full of comfort and elegance because the inner layer, crafted with the finest cotton, offers freshness and the outer layer is carefully crafted with a blend of two deliciously soft fibers: Alpaca and silk granting a subtle sheen, ultimate softness, and an incomparable drape. An elegant selection of fibers can also be found in our collection of throws and duvets, made entirely from 100% baby alpaca.


Travel bags, document holders, sleeping masks, slippers, and throws.

The essence of the new KUNA Travel & Relax collection captures the wonderful feeling of comfort and well-being in its products.

The accessories that make up this collection combine the strength and durability that make them the perfect travel companion.