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APU KUNTUR - A family business

At APU KUNTUR, traditional craftsmanship merges with modern European fashion design. Our family business in Cusco, Perú produces exclusive and high-quality clothing and accessories from alpaca - one of the finest natural fibers in the world. You can see and feel our years of experience and outstanding quality in every garment in our large assortment.

Nelly Gutknecht-Amachi and her daughters Prisila and Danna design all models and collections in their Swiss atelier. Juan and Juvenal Amachi, Nelly's brothers, are responsible for the high-quality products according to Fairtrade specifications in Peru, while Matthias Gutknecht takes care of the distribution in Europe. Together they are supported by now more than 240 employees in Peru and Europe.

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Elegant, natural and sustainable Fashion from Peru

Elegant, natural and
sustainable Fashion from Peru

Since its foundation in 1989, APU KUNTUR has stood for the highest quality as well as sustainable and fair production. In our production facility in Cusco, Peru, we process the highest quality Peruvian natural fibres such as fine alpaca and organically grown Pima cotton. The variety of products ranges from elegant alpaca coats and cosy jumpers to warm socks - all of which are distinguished by their sustainability and top quality. More than three decades of experience flow into our extensive assortment, so that you can not only wear the unique quality and fair production, but also feel it.

Our Collections

Whole collection 2024

Discover the world of APU KUNTUR and more than 250 items made of luxurious natural fibers, such as alpaca or organic Pima cotton. From clothing, socks, and wool to accessories, there is something for everyone!

Spring Summer 2024

The new spring/summer collection 2024 from APU KUNTUR is made of the finest materials such as Royal Alpaca and organic Pima cotton. Soft, temperature-balancing, and silky to the touch.

Social responsibility and fair conditions

Fair conditions in our trade relations are a very important concern for us. In our family production plant in Cusco, Péru, we produce according to fair trade guidelines – in addition to adequate wages and above-average social benefits, our employees receive shared meals, for example. Visit us and see for yourself. We also have a close partnership with our many distributors in Europe. This allows us to constantly develop and offer our customers the best.

We made your clothes
Alpaka & organic Pima cotton

Alpaca fibers and organic Pima cotton of the highest quality

At APU KUNTUR we strive to offer only the highest quality products. We use only the finest alpaca fibers and organic Pima cotton for our collections and only high-quality materials from Peru for our finishes. As the largest total supplier in Europe, we have been offering a wide range of products since 1989 and are constantly expanding our range. We strive to offer only the best to our customers and are constantly working to improve the quality of our products.

Proximity to nature and sustainability

The shearing of alpacas is done annually in a gentle way that does not injure the animals. Alpacas graze in Peru at such altitudes where another agriculture is hardly possible. They are herbivores that only pluck off the grass so that roots remain. Since alpacas have soft undersides of their feet instead of hooves, they do not injure the soil. This creates the basis for preserving the millennia-old legacy of the Incas for future generations.


Social projects at APU KUNTUR

«At APU KUNTUR, social projects are very close to our hearts and we continuously implement them. We have noticed over time that many other women and families in Peru are in a similar situation as I was at the time as a single mother of three children. So our production facility in Cusco became the basis for integrating various projects.» – Nelly Gutknecht-Amachi

In the new production center with light-flooded rooms, we were able to create a nice environment for the young children of our female employees. Two trained caregivers lovingly look after the children here, there is a reading and craft area, a playground, and, since 2022, also a new nature garden.

It has always been important to Nelly that its employees can receive a full, free and warm lunch. For this purpose, our company canteen was created. Señora Monica, who previously worked in production and herself is a single mother of five children, was happy to take on the task of cooking.

Since November 2020, we have also employed deaf staff in our production facility, who would otherwise have difficulties finding employment or social security in Peru. For this purpose, 14 of our hearing employees are now taking sign language lessons so that they can communicate effortlessly. As of today, three deaf employees work at the production facility in Cusco.

Our production always produces residual wool. We use it to make alpaca blankets, which we give away to remote, small villages in Peru. The people there still live very traditionally and simply, in harmony with nature. In November 2021, APU KUNTUR was able to bring a little joy to many families with the donation of over 500 blankets.

Señora Monica
sign language

The production center of APU KUNTUR

... is located at an altitude of 3500 metres. Not far from Machu Picchu, Cusco, the former centre of the great Inca culture, nestles in the picturesque surroundings of the high mountain valley. The home of the Incas is also the home of APU KUNTUR – more than 30 years ago, the first production facilities were still located in private living rooms, until the company moved into its first own production building in 2006. Having long outgrown the circumstances and needs, the modern production centre was inaugurated in 2018 and has since offered all local employees a secure workplace – not only in the sense of the word, but also literally thanks to the production centre built to European standards. Visit us on site! Many customers and business partners have already visited our production centre in person and were able to gain an impression of how our APU KUNTUR products are manufactured.

Production center
knitting machines
Nelly and Matthias