Alpaca THERMAL SOLES with cork (size 36-50)

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Alpaca THERMAL SOLES (rubberized) made of 70% alpaca & 30% sheep wool
Alpaca THERMAL SOLES (rubberized) made of 70% alpaca & 30% sheep wool

High quality processed insole. Consists of 100% sustainable natural fibers. The felt on the top is a blend of 70% alpaca and 30% wool with ideal thermal properties and incredibly soft feel. The underside is made of 100% durable and lightweight cork. It is sturdy, stable and non-slip.

Perfectly suited for daily wear. Even for people who suffer from heavy sweaty feet. Because alpaca fiber warms even in freezing cold and still wicks moisture and sweat wonderfully.

Please note: The felt wool fuzzes a little when first worn, this is quite a normal property of this fine natural fiber blend and quickly subsides after a few days...

Practical: The size is easy to cut both in length and width and smit adaptable to any foot shape. So in case of doubt just order a little bigger.

- Material: 70% alpaca 30% sheep's wool Underside: 100% cork
- odor-inhibiting due to alpaca fiber
- underside made of robust, non-slip cork
- pleasant wearing feeling
- soft and springy to the step
- can be cut individually to any size

The information below was measured as follows:

Length: heel - toe

Width: widest part of the sole

Height: Felt sole

3623.5 cm8.5 cm0.4 cm
3724.0 cm8.7 cm0.4 cm
3824.7 cm8.8 cm0.4 cm
3925.3 cm9.0 cm0.4 cm
4025.9 cm9.3 cm0.4 cm
4126.6 cm9.7 cm0.4 cm
4227.2 cm9.8 cm0.4 cm
4327.8 cm10.1 cm0.4 cm
4428.5 cm10.3 cm0.4 cm
4529.3 cm10.5 cm0.4 cm
4639.9 cm10.9 cm0.4 cm
4730.4 cm11.2 cm0.4 cm
4831.0 cm11.3 cm0.4 cm
4931.9 cm11.5 cm0.4 cm
5032.5 cm11.9 cm0.4 cm

Please understand that all shoes have different shapes, this sole has a defined shape and naturally cannot fit all shoe shapes.

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