100% Vikunja Cape BETTY for women

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100% Vikunja Poncho BERYL for women
100% Vikunja Poncho BERYL for women

The most precious fibre in this world - elegantly processed into a cape of pure, precious vicunja fibers.
Enjoy the exclusivity of the finest fiber in the animal kingdom - only available from us immediately from stock.

Vikunja, also known as Vicuña, is so rare and yet so fine and soft, that even the greatest couturiers of the world are swarming with this fiber. No wonder, because this fiber can only be processed by three manufacturers worldwide. And only a few of them have the chance to use yarns and fabrics from Vikunja for their exquisite collections.
The good-natured animals are strictly protected and are carefully shorn only once a year in a ceremonial ceremony that has been anchored for thousands of years. Pro Schur yield only 150g per animal.

For the dispatch of the article outside Europe, new export forms must be created and the goods must be prepared for export. For this effort, shipping may be delayed by 2-3 weeks.

- Material: 100% Vikunja
- Color: natural brown or black
- Our Vikunja products are delivered in a high-quality wooden box
- Weight: 600g (without wooden box)

Worth knowing about this extraordinary product:

Vikunja - finer than cashmere.

Vikunjas belong, like the Guanaco, to the genus of the Vicugnas. The graceful relatives of the camels and alpacas, live in a small, protected population in the Peruvian Andes above 4,000 m. Their wool is the finest animal hair in the world. Each fiber measures only 11-12 microns; even kashmir with 15-17 microns is comparatively coarse. The vikunjas are only blended at the back and partly at the neck every two years. The yield Per Schur and per animal is only 125-150 grams. 43-47% of the best fibers are still sorted out by hand. An endless effort which is worthwhile for this incomparable quality. The workmanship requires mastery of the art of the web, in order to make this stole absolutely smooth from Vikunja.
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