6-pack Premium SPORT SNEAKER SOCKE in natural fiber quality

Premium SPORT SNEAKER SOCKE made of 95% natural fiber
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10065 6-PACK
  • schwarz-grün
  • fuchsia-orange
  • 36-38
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Children ANTI SLIP socks with alpacas
Children ANTI SLIP socks with alpacas

6-pack premium SNEAKER SOCKE UNI in natural fiber quality
6-pack premium SNEAKER SOCKE UNI in natural fiber quality
- material 70% baby alpaca 25% pima cotton 5% nylon
- sophisticated design with fiber reinforced parts
- bright colors
- light fine design
- can be ordered in packaging units of 6 pairs
- unisex

This product was refined with aloe vera and jojoba oil.

This exclusive alpaca sneaker stocking is made of 70% precious baby alpaca. For the strength and the care comfort we use 25% of the noble and especially soft Pima cotton.
Experience socks made of 95% natural fiber!
The fiber reinforcement in the sensitive areas guarantees robustness and wearing comfort in one. Thus, the socks meet the demands of lovers of high-quality natural fashion and at the same time meet the standards of modern high-tech clothing.

Alpaca and Pima cotton form a harmonious combination:
Alpaca provides breathability and temperature balance, while Pima cotton reinforces the texture with its particularly long fibers. Thus, the knit offers an optimal warmth climate and increased robustness.

With a natural aloe vera and jojoba oil finish for extra softness, optimal hydrobalance, and a comfortable feel. Aloe Vera and Jojoba help maintain the skin's natural moisture by moisturizing and wicking away excess moisture, reducing uncomfortable sweating. The soothing properties protect sensitive skin and keep the fiber sustainably supple.

A great sock especially for the warm summer season!
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